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"Thank You" Ribbon
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"Thank You" Ribbon

Product #: Size Price
228 55' Roll 3/8" Wide $25.00 USD each
232 300' Roll 3/8" Wide $70.00 USD each
234 55' Roll 5/8" Wide $30.00 USD each
236 300' Roll 5/8" Wide $85.00 USD each
Personalized Wedding Favor Ribbon
Personalized Wedding Favor Ribbon
Personalized Wedding Favor Ribbon
Personalized Wedding Favor Ribbon
228 - Small 55' Roll 3/8" Wide
232 - Large 300' Roll 3/8" Wide
234 - Extra Wide Small 55' Roll 5/8" Wide
236 - Extra Wide Large 300' Roll 5/8" Wide
01 - Royal Blue
03 - Classical Green
05 - Pastel Pink
07 - Red
08 - White
09 - Lemon Yellow
10 - Black
11 - Blue Vapour
12 - Willow Green
16 - Saffron Yellow
20 - Oasis Blue
22 - Lime Juice
23 - Tangerine
24 - Mocha Mousse
25 - Rose Petal Pink
26 - Chocolate Brown
31 - Fuchsia
32 - Navy Blue
33 - Sea Blue
34 - Candy Apple Green
43 - Harvest Gold
58 - Auburn
64 - Hunter Green
77 - Pewter Grey
79 - Ivory
91 - Burgundy
95 - Berry
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Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
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Personalized Wedding Favor Ribbon Accessory

Show your gratitude in style! This ribbon is an endearing way to share a sincere message. Available in a rainbow of colors, this ribbon makes a lovely finishing touch. Printing will have approximately 2"/5cm spacing between repeating messages and will read left to right.
#228 Small: 55' Roll 3/8" Wide
#232 Large: 300' Roll 3/8" Wide
#234 Extra Wide Small: 55' Roll 5/8" Wide
#236 Extra Wide Large: 300' Roll 5/8" Wide
Shipped uncut on a roll to prevent wrinkling
Metallic Gold
Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Metallic Silver
Metallic Rose Gold
Metallic Rose Gold
PRODUCT Q&A (1 Q and A)
Q: How many small boxes does the 300' roll cover?
A: Because we do not know the actual size of the box or the style of ribbon wrap that you are planning to use, this is not a question that we can answer. We would recommend using string or any ribbon that you have on hand and prepare a sample of your finished concept. For example: Will it be wrapped around the box once or twice? Are you planning to tie a bow or a knot? Once finished, measure the total length of your sample ribbon or string and use that to determine the number of pieces per 300 ft roll. If you do not have a suitable box that can be used to create this model, here is a very rough guideline: Add together the length and height of the favor box, multiply by two and add 12 inches to

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